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Policy on Harassment

Blackfriars is committed to establishing and maintaining an environment characterized by respect for others. All forms of harassment are strictly forbidden within the Universit, Blackfriars Hall and Studium. Harassment may broadly be understood to consist of unwarranted behaviour towards another person, so as to disrupt the work or reduce the quality of life of that person, by such means as single or successive acts of bullying, verbally or physically abusing, or ill-treating him/her, or otherwise creating or maintaining a hostile or offensive studying, working or social environment for him/her.

Unacceptable forms of behaviour may include unwelcome sexual advances, unwelcome requests for sexual favours, offensive physical contact or verbal behaviour of a sexual nature, or other hostile or offensive acts or expressions relating to people's sex, sexual orientation, religion or race. Being under the influence of alcohol or otherwise intoxicated will not be admitted as an excuse for harassment, and may be regarded as an aggravating feature. Allegations of harassment will be taken seriously.

There is a University of Oxford Code on Harassment and this can be viewed on the University website:

If you are subject to harassment of any kind during your time at Blackfriars you are encouraged to seek out help immediately.

You can:

  • contact the JCR/MCR Welfare Officer, whose name is advertised in the JCR. (The Welfare Officer is a student who is familiar with the University’s Code of Practice and who can offer confidential advice and take action at an informal level only with your agreement);
  • contact one of the two Harassment Officers for Blackfriars: Dr Cherry Hutton and Dr Nick Waghorn are staff members familiar with the University’s Code of Practice; they are able to offer confidential advice about options open to you and take action at an informal level, with your agreement;

Hall Students

  • contact your departmental or faculty adviser: The departmental or faculty `Confidential Advisers' are appointed by heads of department or the equivalent. Their names will be publicised within the relevant institution;
  • contact a member of the ‘Advisory Panel’, serving the whole University:  The Advisory Panel is a Standing Committee of Council consisting of members and employees of the University with special expertise or interest in relevant aspects of staff and student welfare. Members of the panel may be approached on a number specially designated for this purpose: Tel. (2)70760. University advisers (whether Confidential Departmental Advisers or members of the Advisory Panel) will discuss the range of options available on an entirely confidential basis and whenever possible will assist in resolving the problem informally in the first instance.

Studium Students

  • contact the Studium JCR rep, whose name is advertised in the JCR.

You can also decide to bring the matter to the attention of either the authorities at Blackfriars, by informing one of the Moderators, or the University Proctors. In both cases prompt action will be taken within the general bounds of confidentiality.

Where a formal complaint is made to the authorities at Blackfriars, it will be investigated promptly. On finding that harassment within the terms of the University Code of Practice has taken place, the offender will be summoned before a disciplinary panel of both men and women appointed by the Hall and Studium, who may be drawn partly from other colleges and halls of the University.  The panel will recommend to the Moderators any disciplinary action to be taken.

Whatever you decide, please don’t leave your problem unsolved. We are here to help.


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