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New Postgraduate Scholarship in Theology and Art

Thanks to the generosity of a benefactor, Blackfriars Hall is pleased to offer, in partnership with the Oxford University Faculty of Theology and Religion, a new three-year scholarship for postgraduate preparing a doctoral dissertation in the field of Theology and Art. Full Details

Anscombe Memorial Lecture 2018

The Anscombe Memorial Lecture is an annual lecture held in honour of the philosopher G.E.M. Anscombe. It is co-sponsored by the Anscombe Bioethics Centre and Blackfriars Hall. This year’s lecture will be delivered by Prof. Patricia Casey, Professor of Psychiatry at University College Dublin, on ‘Ethical Issues in Psychiatric Diagnosis‘. Date & Time: Friday, 6...

New Liturgy Timetable

New Timetable from Monday 4th September 2017 The Chapter of the Dominican Community of Blackfriars Oxford has voted to adopt a new horary (timetable) from 4th September 2017:   Monday to Friday  7:05am Lauds 7:30am Conventual Mass 1:05pm Office of Readings and Midday Prayer 6:15pm Mass 6:45pm Vespers Saturday 8:05am Lauds 8:30am Conventual Mass 1:05pm Office...

In the marketplace of ideas

Dr Hadas comments on the Vatican asking the right financial questions. The article can be found here.

New Prior

The electors of the Dominican community of the Priory of the Holy Spirit, Oxford, have elected brother Robert Gay, O.P., hitherto subprior of Holy Cross, Leicester, as their new prior.

Thank you! The 2018 Hardship Fund Appeal Results are in

A huge thank-you to all those who contributed generously to our first ever annual appeal! It means we can offer a greater level of support to Blackfriars students who are experiencing financial pressures. Pictured above are members of the Blackfriars JCR/MCR expressing their thanks for your support. £ 1,718 raised this year  Around half of...

‘Did the Saviour See the Father?’

Christ, Salvation, and the Vision of God Fr. Simon Gaine’ s book is now out in paperback. Did Jesus enjoy the beatific vision of God on earth that Christians hope to enjoy only in heaven? This important question is related to a whole series of questions about Jesus, his knowledge and self-consciousness. Did he know...

Lights and Shadows of Modern Labour

Dr Edward Hadas writes on the Lights and Shadows of Modern Labour.

Fr David finishes as Prior of Blackfriars

Our brother David Goodill OP has finished as Prior of Blackfriars, but will remain in Oxford in his other roles as Vice Regent and Senior Tutor. The Dominican community will elect a new Prior and we ask for your prayers.

Alumni Profile – Brenden Thompson (2014-2016)

Recent Blackfriars alumnus Brenden Thompson talks of his time at Blackfriars and how it has been (and continues to be) a profound influence on his life. 1. How did you come to study at Blackfriars, Oxford? I love studying theology. My background was originally in youth ministry and began my life of study by completing...