Prof William E Carroll

Fellow, Member, Aquinas Institute

Professor Carroll is a Research Fellow at Blackfriars Hall, Oxford. He is interested in the reception of Aristotelian science in medieval Islam, Judaism, and Christianity and the development of the doctrine of creation ex nihilo — and the appropriation of medieval discussions of creation and the natural sciences to contemporary science.  He travels frequently to China and South America giving lectures and organizing workshops on Thomas Aquinas, creation, and contemporary science.

Publications: Aquinas on Creation (with Steven Baldner) (1997); La Creación y las Ciencias Naturales: Actualidad de Santo Tomás de Aquino (2003); Galileo: Science and Faith (2009); Creation and Science (2011) [also in Slovak, Spanish, and Chinese]; ‘Thomas Aquinas on Science, Sacra Doctrina, and Creation’ (Nature and Scripture in the Abrahamic Religions 2009); ‘Divine agency, contemporary physics, and the autonomy of nature’ (Heythrop Journal, 2008); ‘Aquinas and Contemporary Cosmology: Creation and Beginnings’ (Georges Lemaître: Life, Science and Legacy 2013); ‘After Darwin, Aquinas: A Universe Created and Evolving’ (Darwin in the Twenty-First Century: Nature, Humanity, and God 2015);  ‘Thomas Aquinas on Creation and Science: An Invitation for China, and Not Only for China’ (Modern Age, 2016).