Biblical Thomism Conference

The Aquinas Institute were pleased to host speakers for an event focusing on Biblical Thomism on Saturday 1 June. The event was made possible with the help of Prof Piotr Roszak and Dr Jörgen Vijgen of Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun. Audio of the conference papers can be found below.

Special Lecture at Blackfriars

The Aquinas Institute were pleased to welcome Prof Timothy Pawl to Blackfriars to speak on St Thomas Aquinas’ theology of the Incarnation. You can listen to the audio of the lecture on the Aquinas Institute SoundCloud.

2019 Aquinas Colloquium

20190302_ColloquiumAquinas Colloquium: Aquinas & The Development of Law On 2 March the Aquinas Institute hosted the annual Aquinas Colloquium, this year entitled Aquinas and the Development of Law. The event was made possible by the generous help of Prof. Ryan Meade, visiting scholar at the Aquinas Institute this year, and who also gave a paper at the...

New Study Guide on Catholic Liturgy

SCM are publishing a Study Guide on Catholic Liturgy: . This contains two chapters by the Director of the Aquinas Institute, on Catholic Sacramental Theology and on the Theology of the Eucharist. Both draw heavily on Aquinas’ teaching.

Freedom of Conscience

The Aquinas Institute and Las Casas Institute have been collaborating on questions of Human Dignity. One strand of research concerns the nature, rights and responsibilities of conscience. A workshop on “Promoting a Responsible and Free Conscience in Today’s Society”, also sponsored by the Anscombe Centre, Oxford, and the Eleanor H McCullen Centre for Law, Religion and...

Thomistic Evolution

A team of Dominican scholars in the USA has established the Thomistic Evolution Project: The Theory of Evolution raises important questions about the relationship between religion and science. The Aquinas Institute shares the conviction of the members of the Project that Aquinas’ account of human nature can be brought into fruitful conversation with recent...

Thomas Aquinas in China

Following a successful Workshop on Thomas Aquinas and Medieval Philosophy at Wuhan University in November 2016, Dr William Carroll, a member of the Institute, and Prof Tianyue Wu are organising a Workshop on Medieval Philosophy and the Modern World to be held at Peking University from 12-14 April 2019. This will be jointly sponsored by...