Blackfriars Alumni News and Events

3rd November 2015

This new website section aims to support the Blackfriars alumni community, helping former students keep up with each other and with what’s happening in Oxford. 

We will feature posts about alumni and what they are doing now, notifications about future events, and let you know what’s new with Blackfriars Hall, the Dominican Studium, and the Las Casas and Aquinas Institutes. Also, we’ll tell you of any alumni events offered by Oxford University.

Please remember – it’s your alumni community, so feel free to comment on posts, email us with ideas and reminiscences, or propose get-togethers. 

How will all these posts reach you? Nothing simpler: just sign up for email news and we will send you a monthly round-up of any new posts on the site. Or if you are on Facebook, join our public Facebook group.

Keep in touch!

– Richard Brown 
  (Development Director)