Goodies for the Leavers

13th June 2017

We sadly bid farewell to our 2017 leavers, but send them on their way with a little gift.

For the first time ever, Oxford University alumni cards were given out within each college or hall, so we in the Alumni and Development Office used the opportunity to say a proper farewell to each leaver and give them a memento of their stay with us. The smart new Blackfriars bags drew envious looks from the friars so we are not sure how long we will be able to hold off giving them one too!

Our leavers are heading off in various directions, with visiting students returning to their home institutions, others going on to further studies or academic posts, and some will actually be returning to us later in the year to take up a new course of studies. Several of the friars are also leaving Oxford either for new assignments in the Dominican priories in Leicester and London, or to continue their studies in Rome.

Oxford University Alumni Card

The Oxford alumni card opens the door for all alumni (including Visiting Students) to a number of discounts and special offers, alumni events and online networks; and for fully matriculated alumni it provides access to JSTOR, lifelong careers support, and physical access to Oxford colleges. If you were never given an alumni card, just get in touch. Email Richard Brown (

Want a Blackfriars bag?

If any alumni out there would like a bag too, we would be happy to send one for a small donation to the Blackfriars Student Support FundEmail Richard Brown (

Pictured above: Ethan Swain and Sean Biggins.