Moving out of Lockdown

30th July 2021

At the Chapter meeting the community discussed the implementation of the latest guidelines from the bishops about Liturgy during this phase of the pandemic. We have decided to move fairly cautiously because of requests to maintain some social distancing and mask wearing, and also because of the size of the church.

The first thing you will notice is that the one way system have been removed and stickers removed from the floor to make our church look more normal. Other changes will be introduced gradually over the summer and into the autumn.

Return of normal seating arrangements

From the weekend of the 7 and 8 of August the chairs in church will be put back into their normal configuration. However, the Vigil Mass will remain a socially distanced Mass with signs indicating where it is possible to sit. For the others Masses there will not be a specific seating plan, but there will be a cap on numbers that can book in. We ask you to be prudent in where you sit, showing charity to those who may be less comfortable than you. Please try to maintain some distance, and  we strongly encourage you to continue wearing masks.

Return of Congregational Singing

Over the summer we will begin to introduce some congregational singing. When this happens masks will be necessary at these Masses. The community will discuss further how this will be introduced, but it will not be long before this much missed part of our Liturgy can return in some form.