‘New Blackfriars’ Scholarship Winner Announced

27th October 2020

Many congratulations to April Wu, winner of the New Blackfriars Scholarship for 2020.

April joins Blackfriars as a MSc student in Social Anthropology. She holds a first-class BA in Music from Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, and her undergraduate dissertation explores the music of late Schubert in light of Husserlian phenomenology, temporality, and early 19th-century aesthetics. April’s research interests include historical musicology in the 18th and 19th centuries, philosophy of music, and hermeneutic approaches to music and ethnomusicology. Embarking on a new academic journey, she is keen to explore gender identity and musical life in insular religious communities, and the tension between secular and traditional worldviews, especially in Israel. In her free time, she enjoys composing, learning new languages, discovering obscure European films, taking portraits of friends, reading Hesse, and going on impromptu trips.

New Blackfriars is the theological journal of the Dominican friars in Britain.