New Blackfriars – Special Jubilee Issue

13th August 2021

To mark the 800th anniversary of the arrival of Dominican friars in England, the September 2021 issue of New Blackfriars will be a special one dealing with various aspects of the life, history, and thought of English Dominicans.

The contents of the issue are as follows.

  • Brian Davies OP – Introduction
  • Timothy Radcliffe OP – ‘What Breed are the British Dogs of the Lord?’
  • José Filipe Silva – ‘From Dominican to Dominican: Osmund Lewry on Robert Kilwardby’
  • John Slotemaker – ‘Robert Holcot’s Trinitarian Theology and Medieval Historiography’
  • Allan White OP – ‘The Road to Scottish Dominican Independence’
  • Richard Finn OP – ‘The Pressing Question of the Hour’
  • Clodagh Weldon – ‘Victor White OP’
  • John Berkman – ‘The Influence of Victor White on a Young Elizabeth Anscombe’ – and
  • Elizabeth Anscombe – ‘I am Sadly Theoretical: It is the Effect of Being at Oxford’
  • Richard Conrad OP and Nicholas Crowe OP – ‘Unum Necessarium: Gerald Vann’s Unifying Thomistic Vision’
  • Nick O’Brien – ‘Dominican Ditchling and Herbert McCabe’s Sacramental Politics: Backwards to a Radical Future’
  • Brian Wicker – ‘Making Peace at Spode’
  • Fergus Kerr OP – ‘Gilby’s Summa’
  • Oliver Keenan OP – ‘On Being a Thomist: Cornelius Ernst’s Meta-Theology’
  • Simon Hewitt – ‘Herbert McCabe on God and Humanity’
  • Richard Woods OP – ‘Through American Eyes: A View of the English Province’

New Blackfriars, founded in 1920, is a journal edited by the Dominicans of the English Province. It publishes articles and book reviews on theology, philosophy, and cultural studies.

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