Oxford University Alumni Groups & Resources

30th November 2015

Oxford University is offering an ever-richer experience for alumni, so those of our alumni who matriculated through the University might wish to take advantage of them.

  • The Oxford Alumni website displays the wide range of resources available to alumni.
  • Check out the brand-new Oxford Alumni Community website. Once registered you will be able to network with fellow alums, request mentoring, find jobs, and more.
  • Join a local group. The University of Oxford Alumni network is wide-reaching and can provide you with social and professional networking. Regional groups exist across the world including Asia, Australia and the USA & Mexico and they arrange regular events and social gatherings. Local groups also exist in specific local areas.
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  • Faculty and Department programmes. A number of University faculties and departments offer separate programmes for their alumni; by joining an alumni group of your chosen topic you can stay connected with their current happenings. Many produce regular publications, such as newsletters and magazines, they invite alumni to events, and most offer alumni opportunities to get involved in a volunteering programme.
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Other useful University resources available to alumni of Blackfriars Hall, Oxford, include: