The Scovil Scholarship in Christian Theology and Art 2023

4th December 2023

Blackfriars Hall is delighted to introduce Matthew Benson as the holder of The Scovil Scholarship in Christian Theology and Art 2023.

Matthew started a DPhil in Theology and Religion in October 2023. A native of Liverpool, Matthew attended the Blue Coat School, before going on to read Theology and Religion at Christ Church, Oxford in 2017-20 (First Class Honours) and to complete an MSt in Theology in 2021-22 (Distinction). In 2022-23, Matthew worked in the Catholic Chaplaincy at Liverpool University.

Matthew’s doctoral research focuses on intellectual precursors to the Second Vatican Council, and in particular the thought of Pierre Rousselot, a 20th century Jesuit theologian who wrote extensively on philosophy and theology despite the premature end of his career on his death in the First World War. Matthew is investigating how Rousselot’s theology of revelation, which grounds both the content and impressive power of revelation in the transcendental beauty of Being, can contribute to the life of the Catholic Church today and help answer 20th- and 21st-century questions about metaphysics and ontology.


Scovil Scholar 2023