Dr Fernando Cervantes

Las Casas Institute Advisory Board

Dr Cervantes is a Lay Dominican and a member of the Advisory Board for the Las Casas Institute. He is a historian of early modern Europe specialising in the intellectual and religious history of early modern Spain and Spanish America. Between 2005 and 2008 he was principal investigator of a major Leverhulme Research Project entitled The Celestial and the Fallen: Angels and Demons in the Hispanic World. He was the John Coffin Memorial Lecturer in the History of Ideas at the University of London in 2005 and has held fellowships at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, the Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, UCLA, and the Liguria Study Centre for the Arts and the Humanities, Bogliasco, Italy. In the Spring of 2009, he held the Tipton Distinguished Visiting Chair at the University of California, Santa Barbara.


Select Publications:

The Devil in the New World (1994)

Spiritual Encounters: Interactions between Christianity and Native Religions (1999)

The Hispanic World in the Historical Imagination (2005)

The Inquisition (2006)

Angels, Demons and the New World (2013)

Conquistadores (forthcoming 2019)

Email: affc@bristol.ac.uk