Mr Anthony O’Mahony


Anthony O’Mahony is a tutor in World Religions at Blackfriars Hall and Studium and a Graduate College Adviser.  He was Reader in the History of Eastern Christianity, Heythrop College, University of London, between 1999-2018 and Director for the Centre for Eastern Christianity 2009 – 2018. In 2018 he was appointed Associate Fellow at School of Advanced Studies, University of London. He held the Sir Daniel & Countess Bernardine Murphy Donohue Chair in Eastern Catholic Theology in 2018/2019 at the Pontifical Oriental Institute, Rome. Anthony has for several years lectured at on the geopolitics of religion, society and politics at the States and Societies Faculty, Diplomatic Academy, Foreign & Commonwealth Office, London. He has regularly offered commentary on his areas of interest to Vatican Radio, BBC World Service,  France24, ABC including articles in L’Osservatore Romano and The Tablet (London).

Anthony gave the Cambridge University Sermon (The Ramsden Preacher) for Pentecost 2015 on `Martyrdom and Ecumenism: Christianity in the Middle East Today’; The Zernov Lecture, Oxford, 2016 – `The Desert Fathers Today: The Eremitical Tradition and Monasticism in the modern Middle East’; The Cardinal Beaufort Lecture, Winchester College 2020 ‘Catholic perspectives on Global Christianity’. He has supervised 15 doctoral research students and numerous master’s dissertations in the modern history of Christianity, theology, ecclesiology, and engagement with other religions.

Research Interests: the modern history and contemporary situation of, Eastern Christianity including theology, and ecclesiology; Ecumenical dialogue between Eastern and Western churches; Christian-Muslim-Jewish relations; and the religious and political history of Jerusalem. He has published widely in these areas.

Publications: The Cambridge History of Christianity on Coptic and Syriac Christianity in modern history; The Christians communities in Jerusalem and the Holy Land: Studies in History, Religion and Politics (2003); (co-ed), Christian Responses to Islam: A Global Account of Muslim-Christian Relations (2008); (co-ed) Eastern Christianity in the modern Middle East (2010); (co-ed) with John Flannery, The Catholic Church in the contemporary Middle East: Studies for The Synod of the Middle East (2010). He co-guested a special issue `The Orthodox churches in contemporary contexts’, International Journal for the Study of the Christian Church, Vol. 10, no.2, 2010; and on ‘Eastern Catholics in Modern Europe’, The Journal of Eastern Christian Studies, Vol. 67, 2015. Selected publications: `Cyprian Rice, op., l’Islam chiite et la mission dominicaine en Perse-Iran, 1933-1934’, Mémoire dominicaine: Les Dominicains et les mondes musulmans, no. 15 (2001), pp. 217-225; `The Image of Jesus and Christianity in Modern Shi’a Islamic Thought’ (in: Encounter: Documents for Muslim-Christian Understanding Rome, Pontificio Istituto di Studi Arabi e d’Islamistica, No. 308 (2004), pp. 1-14; `The Chaldean Catholic Church: The Politics of Church-State Relations in Modern Iraq’, The Heythrop Journal, Vol. XLV (2004), pp. 435-450; ‘Catholic Theological Perspectives on Islam at the Second Vatican Council’, New Blackfriars, Vol, 88, (2007);  `Les chrétiens palestiniens: Politique, droit et sociéte, 1917-1948’, in: De Balfour à Ben Gourion – La France, L’Europe occidentale et la Palestine, 1917-1948, Paris, Éditions CNRS, 2008; ‘with Scott M. Thomas, `Postsecularity and the Contending Visions of the European Political Imagination in International Relations’,  in: Towards a Postsecular International Politics (2014); `Louis Massignon: A Catholic Encounter with Islam and the Middle East’. in: God’s Mirror: Renewal and Engagement in French Catholic Intellectual Culture in the Mid-Twentieth Century (2015); ‘… again to breathe fully from two lungs’: Eastern Catholic Encounters with History and Ecclesiology’, The Downside Review, Vol. 134 , 2016; `Eastern Christianity and Jesuit Scholarship on Arabic and Islam’, in: Philosophy, Theology and the Jesuit Tradition (2017);  ‘Christianity in the Wider Levant Region: Modern History and Contemporary Context’ in: Nationalism and Citizenship in Muslim Countries: Arab Christians in the Levant (2018); `Catholics’, in: Christianity in North Africa and West Asia. Edinburgh Companion to Global Christianity (2018); ‘Christianity in the Middle East: the challenge of coexistence’, in: A Common Mission: The Oriental Congregation and the Oriental Institute (1917-2017) Orientalia Christiana Analecta (2020). Recent lectures:  Christianity in the Middle East at the first and second Religious and Cultural Pluralism and Peaceful Coexistence in the Middle East (Athens, 2015 and 2017) organized by the Greek Government and Ministry of Foreign Affairs;  ‘Cardinal-Patriarch Gabriel Tappouni and the Syriac Catholic Church in the modern Middle East’, In partibus ?delium: Missions du Levant et connaissance de l’Orient chrétien (XIXe-XXIe siècles), Ecole française de Rome, (2017);  ‘The Question of Religious Freedom in ‘interreligious’ contexts since Vatican II: The Holy See’s Agreements with the Kingdom of Morocco (1983), the State of Israel (1993) and Palestine (2015)’, Les accords du Saint-Siège avec les États (XIXe-XXIe siècles). Modèles et mutations, de l’État confessionnel à la liberté religieuse Rome, Pontificia Università Gregoriana / Ecole française de Rome, (2018); ‘Discerning the religious and political contours of Christianity in the modern history of Jerusalem, Palestine and the Holy Land’, Conference, CrossRoads: European Cultural Diplomacy and Arab Christians in Palestine, 1918-1948, University of Leiden, 2019; ‘The Vatican and the Muslim World’, Catholic Engagement with Other Religious Traditions in the World Today, St.  Institute, Oxford, 2020.