Prof John Haldane

Patron, Aquinas Institute

Professor Haldane (KHS, FRSE, FRSA) is the J. Newton Rayzor Sr Distinguished Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Philosophy at Baylor University, and Professor of Philosophy and Senior Fellow at the Centre for Ethics, Philosophy and Public Affairs in the Department of Philosophy at the University of St Andrews.

He is also Chairman of the Royal Institute of Philosophy and has been a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh since 1995.

Among many other books, Professor Haldane has written Reasonable Faith (Routledge, 2010), and edited “Analytical Thomism” (The Monist Vol. 80, no. 4, October 1997), Mind, Metaphysics and Value in the Thomistic and Analytical Traditions (Notre Dame, 2002), and Modern Writings on Thomism (Bristol: Thoemmes/Continuum, 2003).

His many articles and chapters include “Analytical Philosophy and the Future of Thomism” (Cogito 13 (1999)); “A Thomist Metaphysics” in R. Gale (ed.) Blackwell Guide to Metaphysics (Oxford: Blackwell, 2002); “Contemporary Philosophy of Mind and the Need of Thomism” (Iride, 17 (2004)); “Analytical Thomism: how we got here, why it’s worth remaining, and where we may go to next” in C. Paterson & M. Pugh (eds.) Analytical Thomism: Traditions in Dialogue (London: Ashgate, 2006); “Kenny and Aquinas on the Metaphysics of Mind” in J. Cottingham & P. Hacker (eds.) Mind, Method, and Morality (Oxford: OUP, 2010); “Is the Soul the Form of the Body?” (American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 87 (2013)).

We are delighted and grateful to have Prof Haldane as Patron of the Aquinas Institute.

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