News from the SCR – Trinity 2016

18th May 2016

Some news from our SCR members of their recent publications and activities.

Prof Sir Roger Scruton
Awarded a knighthood in the Queen’s 90th Birthday Honours. Read more…

Clare Broome Saunders
Dr Broome Saunders works mainly on nineteenth-century poetry, especially women writers whose work spans the boundaries of Romanticism and Victorianism, such as Felicia Hemans, Letitia Landon, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning.
Her latest book, Louisa Stuart Costello: A Nineteenth Century Writing Life, was published by Palgrave, with a launch party at Wolfson College, November 2015; and she gave a paper at the Charlotte Bronte Bicentennial Conference at Chawton House Library, 13-14 May 2016.

Recent publications:
Editor, Women, Travel Writing, and Truth. New York. Routledge, 2014.
Editor, The Soldier’s Orphan: A Tale, by Mrs Costello. Pickering and Chatto, 2010.

Pia Maria Jolliffe
Dr Jolliffe was appointed a Research Scholar of Blackfriars Hall and a member of the Las Casas Institute in February 2016. She is a Visiting Academic at the Nissan Centre of Japanese Studies, St. Antony’s College (appointed April 2016). In addition, she has been invited, by the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing, to stay affiliated as non-stipendiary Research Fellow.
Pia enjoys being an old member at Linacre College; she is married to The Hon William Henry Martin Jolliffe and they are expecting the birth of their first child in July 2016.

Recent publications:
(forthcoming) Learning, Migration and Intergenerational Relations. The Karen and the Gift of Education. Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan.
(2016) ‘Night-time and refugees. Evidence from the Thai-Myanmar border’, Journal of Refugee Studies 29:1 (2016) 1-18.
‘Myanmar’s political transition and educational aspirations of refugees in Thailand’, NORRAG News 53 (2016) 120-121.
‘Integration of Syrian asylum seekers and refugees in Austria: the role of education and skills’, NORRAG News 53 (2016) 147-148.
‘College Coats of Arms’, in Oxford Today, ‘Letter to the editor’ 28:2 (October 2015)
Gefängnisse und Zwangsarbeit auf der japanischen Nordinsel Hokkaido (Prisons and forced labour on Japan’s Northern Island Hokkaido). Vienna: LIT Verlag, 2015

Recent presentations:
‘Jesuit Training Programmes in Thailand: enabling refugees and ethnic minority youth to negotiate inequalities’, Las Casas Institute Seminar Series, 29 February 2016.
‘Life course transitions, migration and aspirations among Karen ethnic minority youth in Thailand’, Research Seminar, School of International Development, University of East Anglia, 22 April 2016.
‘The Gift of education? Learning, migration and intergenerational relations among Karen refugees in Thailand and the United Kingdom’, Southeast Asia Seminar, St. Antony’s College, University of Oxford, 27 April 2016.

Stephen Priest
Mr Priest is Senior Research Fellow in Philosophy at Blackfriars Hall, and a Research Professor at The Dalai Lama Centre for Compassion, Oxford. Mr Priest is also acting as a consultant to the Ian Ramsey Centre in the faculty of Theology, during 2016. He is Mercator Fellow and Visiting professor in Philosophy at the Rhur-Universitaet, Bochum, Germany, for 2016-2017.

Recent publications:
Author of a number of philosophy ebooks: Hobbes, Locke, Berkeley, Hume, Kant, Mill, Russell, Ayer, A Dictionary of Logic.

Peter Róna
Professor Róna is an economist and former CEO of Henry Schroder Bank and Trust.

Forthcoming publications:
He recently signed a contract with the Springer publishing house to edit (with Prof Laszlo Zsolnai as co-editor) a collection of essays, including one of his own. Several of the essays are based on papers delivered in the symposium held at Blackfriars Hall in 2014. The book is entitled Economics as a Moral Science, 2016 (expected).

Michael Ward
Dr Ward’s research interests include theology and the imagination; Christian apologetics; Christian theodicy; and doctrinal controversy in the early church.

Recent publications:

C.S. Lewis at Poets’ Corner. (Edited with Peter S. Williams) New York: Wipf & Stock, 2016.
Here is a brief synopsis:
On the fiftieth anniversary of his death, C.S. Lewis was memorialized in Poets’ Corner, Westminster Abbey. Oxford and Cambridge Universities, where Lewis taught, also held commemorations. This volume gathers together addresses from those events. Rowan Williams and Alister McGrath assess Lewis’s legacy in theology. Malcolm Guite explores his integration of reason and imagination. William Lane Craig takes a philosophical perspective. Lewis’s successor as Professor of Medieval and Renaissance English, Helen Cooper, considers him as a critic.
Alongside these formal, academic treatments, the collection includes more personal and conversational pieces. Lewis’s biographer, Walter Hooper, recalls their first meeting. A panel of experts including Michael Ward and Judith Wolfe evaluates his legacy in Christian apologetics. Royal Wedding composer Paul Mealor reflects on how he set to music Lewis’s poem, ‘Love’s as warm as tears’.
Containing theology, literary criticism, poetry, memoir and much else besides, this volume reflects the breadth of Lewis’s interests and the huge variety of his own output. It is a diverse and colourful commemoration of a figure known to millions for his work as ‘Everyman’s theologian’.

‘Science and Religion in the Writings of C.S. Lewis’, Science and Christian Belief 25:1 (April 2013) 3-16.
The Cambridge Companion to C.S. Lewis(Edited with Robert MacSwain) Cambridge: CUP, 2010.