Seminar Series on the Common Good

22nd February 2021

Prof Ryan Meade, Aquinas Institute Research Fellow, has set up the “Common Good Project” under the Faculty of Law, cosponsored by the Aquinas Institute, to foster discussion on the relationship between law and the common good. The Project begins with weekly conversations in which legal theorists, philosophers, policy makers and economists explore the common good from various perspectives. The series begins on 22 February, 7.30-8.30 pm, with a discussion with Adrian Vermeule, Ralph S. Tyler Professor of Constitutional Law at Harvard Law School, on why it is important for law to be directed to the common good. Register here.

The series continues on 2 March when Prof J Budziszewski will present “The Flavours of the Common Good” register here.

Deatails of the full schedule of seminars.